X4 Labs Review


X4 Labs Review


We’ve recently been contacted by quite a few fellow Australians who have been asking about a penis extender under the brand name x4 Labs. We’ve been aware of this company for a while as they promote their products quite heavily, but it seems lately they have been targeting Australia more and more so we did what we do best and set out to investigate this company. What we found, is that while they have a flashy website and flashy looking products, they are yet another company who are scamming Australians, here’s why:

1. Upon investigation, we found they are a Canadian based company, so we contacted the Canadian Health Authorities to find out if this product was legit, we’ve included the email address of Mr Yoon who was our contact so that anyone reading this may also verify the information for themselves, here is the reply:

Dear BIB Team,

Thank you for your email. X4 Labs doesn’t seem to hold a medical device establishment license in Canada, which is a requirement for Class I devices. We will route your enquiry to the Inspectorate for investigation. You may also wish to contact the Therapeutic Goods Administration to see if X4 Labs holds an Australian market authorization.


Daniel Yoon
Regulatory Information Officer
Medical Devices Bureau
Health Canada
Tel: 613-941-2181
Fax: 613-957-6345

If you take a look at the X4 Labs website, they boast about how there product is “doctor approved”, yet they don’t even hold license for the sales of there product in there own country, Doctor Approved….yeah, right. Furthermore to advertise legally to Australia they need to hold TGA approval, which they do not have. So they are not only falsely advertising, they are illegally advertising in their own country and over here.

2. X4 Labs clearly deceive Australian’s as they list a local number and clearly state on their website that they ship from Australia, this is not the case as we were told when we called them, and when issuing a complaint we were put on hold then got hung up on. See screenshot below of their misleading advertising. *Update* They have changed the below details on their website since this review has been posted.

X4 labs review image

X4 labs review conclusion

X4 labs is yet another one of those companies that have spent a lot of money on dressing up their website and product packaging but have no real approvals, not even in their own country. A company that goes to this length can be called nothing but a scam. If you have purchased from this company we suggest you do what you can to get your money back because there are no guarantees that the product is safe or will even do as advertised. For those that may be considering to purchase an X4 labs product, steer clear of this scam product and go for something that has local Australian approval so you can rest assured that you won’t be doing any damage to your penis. Don’t take just take our word for it, you can also check out what others have had to say about X4 Labs: X4 Labs Review (opens in a new window/tab).

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To your gains!

BIB Team