Penis Enlargement Pills, Pumps & Creams Review


Penis Enlargement Review


In this penis enlargement review we’ll share our personal experiences rather than sales hype like most “review sites”. Most reviewers don’t actually provide any hard evidence as to WHY they rate penis enhancement products the way they do. They offer no before and after photos, no certifications or approvals. Nothing to show the products are genuine! Also something to consider, is many actually sell the product or get paid to review them!


Australian Penis Enlargement Reviews Image

Australian Penis Enlargement Reviews


We have NOTHING to sell you. All we offer is FREE penis enlargement information so you can learn from our experiences. Between us, we’ve wasted thousands of dollars and countless hours and experienced many side effects.

At the end of this review, we discuss a genuine penis enlargement product that has been proven to increase penis size for over 20 years.



Penis Enlargement Pills


Penis enlargement pills and tablets are one of the largest advertised products for penis enlargement on the internet. Not only are they the largest advertised product, they have been the biggest scam on the internet in the last decade. Looking back on our experience with pills, we can’t believe how foolish we were to continually try so many different pills in the hope some would work! But, live and learn as the saying goes. Let our mistakes add to your wisdom!


Things to look out for with pills


Firstly, we can tell you from personal experience – male enhancement pills do not work for penis enlargement. Scientifically and biologically it’s impossible! If you are still interested to try pills after reading this review, we understand because most men need to learn from their own experiences. But try this: simply ask any website advertising pills for a bigger penis for at least SOME PROOF that their product is legitimate. After all, there’s no harm in asking is there?

Be aware of any product that claims anything such as penis enlargement – if it does not have a genuine approval or certification – there is no telling where it was made, what it’s made with, how safe it is or that it even works!

Some examples of “penis enlargement” pills that were tested by the TGA and found to have dangerous undeclared substances can be found here, here, here, and here.



How do they get away with it?


There are clever loopholes sellers have found to get away with selling fake products like pills for penis enlargement. If you read the fine print at the bottom of any page stating things like:

“The information on this site has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

“Has not been evaluated” – That is basically telling you that none of the products have been properly tested or approved and they don’t have any proof the products work.

Many so called penis enlargement pills, after being independently tested have been found to contain synthetic ingredients that can cause serious health problems for people in the short and long term. That’s the same reason many penis enhancement pills coming into Australia get seized and destroyed by customs.



A list of some so called penis enlargement pills we tested and reviewed for a minimum of 3 months:

  • Vimax
  • Transform XXL
  • Male Extra
  • Zytenz
  • Rexavar
  • Vigorexin
  • Maxirex
  • Sir Maximus
  • Extagen
  • RexaZyte
  • SizeGenix
  • Sinrex
  • Bazooka pills
  • Virility pills

….and some completely natural alternatives like; VigRX Plus, horny goat weed, tribulus, yohimbe, ginko and L-Arginine (both free form and AAKG Alpha-Ketoglutarate).

The Good:

Some of these pills helped with erection quality and made getting an erection easier. However, any benefit was lost soon after we stopped taking the pills. We recommend the natural alternatives above if looking for an erection booster. Please note: yohimbe is no longer allowed to be imported into Australia.

The Bad:

Apart from a waste of time and money, NONE of the male enhancement pills above gave us any increased penis size whatsoever! Many of these pills had noticeable side effects including; thinning hair, upset stomach, headaches (ranging from minor to severe migraines), diarrhea, gas, stomach aches, inability to gain an erection for a few days when not taking, loss of normal erection quality when not taking, smelly urine, rapid/erratic heartbeat, anxiousness, anxiety and mood swings/feelings of depression.

To date there is no scientific evidence or studies that prove any pill can enlarge the penis. These products can not prove their claims because they don’t work.

Important customs and import notice on pills:

Due to some of the above penis enhancement pills containing synthetic ingredients, they can be seized and destroyed by Australian customs. Almost all of the products above come from the U.S and hold no responsibility if this happens – whether or not you purchase additional shipping insurance! After you buy from them, most simply don’t want to know you if you have any issues with their products.



Penis Enlargement Pumps (Air or Water)


Penis pumps were designed for men who can’t “get it up”. They have never been designed or proven for penis enlargement. They work on creating a vacuum or negative pressure around the penis. After pumping for a few minutes the penis gets filled with blood and the user then uses a “cock ring” to trap the blood allowing him to keep an erection. If a normally healthy man tries to use a pump for penis enlargement purposes he can actually give himself poor erection quality and in some serious cases we’ve heard of, impotence – the inability to get a natural erection.

You are seriously messing with the biology of the penis when using a pump for a prolonged period (more than a few minutes). There are all sorts of blood vessels and valves that come into action when a man gets a normal erection.

The Good: Pumps can be used to help men get erections if they can’t achieve them naturally.

The Bad: Penis pumps can make the penis temporarily seem bigger due to swelling caused by drawing lymphatic fluid under the skin. The ability to maintain a good erection will be minimal until the fluid has subsided. Penis pumps have been known to cause; burst blood vessels, scarring underneath the skin, stretch marks, inability to gain erections normally, testicle injuries and “hicky” like marks under the skin that can take months to clear up.



Penis enlargement creams, sprays and patches


We have put all of these in the same section because they are all supposed to work by getting ingredients into the skin of the penis which is “miraculously” supposed to enlarge the penis.

The Good: Some have ingredients in them that help to increase the blood flow within the penis, but the following is why we can’t recommend them.

The Bad: These products are laced with toxic ingredients. Most include some form of parabens, corrosion inhibitors, petroleum by-products, de-greasers, synthetic preservatives and other poisons.

Why on earth would you want to put anything like that on your penis? Apart from poisoning your penis, some may see temporary results which is most likely caused by inflammation of the penis due to the poison being applied. This looking for real penis enlargement should definitely avoid these products.

An example of a “penis enlargement” ointment that was tested by the TGA and found to have dangerous undeclared substances can be found here



Penis enlargement exercises such as Jelqing


You may be surprised to learn there is not one muscle in the penis. Can muscles be exercised to be made bigger? Yes. Can the penis be exercised to be made bigger? No. Not safely, or effectively.

Penis exercises have become to be known as the jelq. While we are not going to completely discount if they can work, we will give you the facts. For them to work you would have to be applying a constant tension on the penis, so unless you are happy to be walking around with your penis in your hand applying this constant tension, they are not going to work effectively to increase penis size.

The Good: Theoretically, it is possible to enlarge the penis using exercises. It may be possible to gain about half an inch (1.2cm) in 12 months if you did these exercises for hours, on a daily basis.

The Bad: The time you would need to put in for actual penis growth (and not just swelling) is simply not worth it for maybe half an inch in a year. Quite a few men have reported their penis started to develop a curve in the shaft after doing exercises for a couple of months. This is due to the unregulated and forceful tension being applied. The penis has to heal as a result, and it can slowly begin to form a hard tissue or plaque under the skin which causes a bend in the penis. The penis curvature can get more noticeable when getting an erection.



Penis Enlargement Review Conclusion


Of all the above penis enhancement products, the only products we can recommend with honesty are the natural alternatives. They can be expensive to buy on their own so if you want an “all in one” penis enhancement supplement we’d recommend VigRX Plus. Please be aware though, there are many fake versions of VigRX plus pills getting around.


vigrx plus pills review image

If you want read about them or try them, click here: VigRX Plus™ Official Website (opens in a new tab/window). As a general male enhancement erection booster, that’s what we go for. We’ve never had a problem with customs when ordering from the official site as the products are 100% natural and the genuine version direct from the manufacturer.



Is Penis Enlargement Really Possible?


Yes. Up until about a year ago, and after trying all of the above (and more), through our collective experience and loads of wasted money most of us thought that perhaps penile surgery was the only way to get a bigger penis. However, there are risks, cost and pain involved with phalloplasty and penile augmentation surgery.

But there is hope and an alternative to penis enlargement surgery! Click the following link (blue text) to read about our in-depth Jes Extender review to learn why it’s our top recommended penis enhancement product. It’s the only product that has been able to be registered under the Australia TGA for penis enlargement. All Jes Extender penis enlargement packages also come with a full 180 day manufacturer’s 200% refund guarantee.

Here’s to truth, and to your gains!


The BIB Team