Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender Review


Welcome to our Jes Extender review. Over the last 5 years we’ve product tested and compared just about every penis enlargement option available (except for surgery, no thanks!). In terms of how quickly penis size increases can be seen, in our opinion Jes Extender is definitely the most effective. When we say buy the right product, and buy it once, Jes Extender is the product that has no comparison. With over 20 years of medically proven and documented results for penis enlargement, Jes Extender is widely regarding as the father of penis enlargement products. Jes Extender’s main assessed purpose is for enlargement of the penis. However being a genuine penile traction device, some users opt to use it as part of a penile traction therapy (PTT) program on the advice of their healthcare providers.



Expert Urologist on Peyronie’s Disease Treatment


Renowned urologist reviews the advantages and disadvantages when using penile traction therapy (PTT) for Peyronie’s disease treatment



Video Summary:

Peyronie’s disease is a common condition effecting many men. There are multiple treatment options including watchful waiting, medications, injections, surgery but the penile traction device is certainly one effective treatment option” – Dr Neil Baum, Urologist, MD.



Penis Enlargement

In Australia, there are only two legal options for penis enlargement. The Jes Extender Penis Enlarger is one option, the other is surgery. The main difference with using Jes Extender is there’s no downtime for healing, it’s not painful and it doesn’t have any of the possible side effects associated with surgery, not to mention the cost is about 10 times less. Below we share why in our opinion it’s by far the best option for Australian men who want a high quality, non invasive option that has been well proven to deliver the goods.

Be sure to check out the TGA certificate on the Officially authorised Jes Extender Australia website. There are also some Before and After pictures that can be viewed. To get a good idea of how it works make sure you also stop by the how it works video page.


Summary of this Jes Extender review:


  • Can be used to enlarge the penis while sleeping
  • Once results are gained, simply stop using the product
  • Results are safe with no short or long term side effects
  • Works within safe medically proven optimal range of 900 – 1500 grams
  • 3 tension indicators let you monitor safe tension levels at all times
  • Devices can extend between 3 to 10 inches (depending on package ordered)
  • Jes Extender is has been fully assessed and registered for penis enlargement (ARTG ID: 197042)



The Only Genuine Penis Enlargement Product In Australia


Jes Extender is the only legitimate penis enlargement product available in Australia. This fact is clearly demonstrated on the Australian TGA certificate (ARTG# 197042).


Jes Extender Review


How does Jes Extender work?


Jes Extender works on a proven scientific principle called traction. It’s a process where the body can be put under a certain amount of comfortable and safe tension which triggers a biological process called cell division (new growth). Body builders use a very similar technique when they stress their muscles out in order for the body to grow them larger and stronger. It safely works within the medically safe and proven tension range of between 900 to 1500 grams.

Different levels of safe, dynamic tension (900/1200/1500 grams) are used at different times as you progress and grow. Although Jes Extender is capable exerting well over 4000 grams, however medical testing and trial data indicate that using too much tension can actually cause slower penis growth. All that’s required is to use as directed on instructions and slightly increase the tension level as you progress. When first using at 900 grams, all that’s felt is a very slight stretch of the penis. After the first two weeks and as the penis gets used to wearing the device, you can safely increase the tension to 1200 grams which provides a moderate yet still comfortable level of use. Only in the more advanced stages is the maximum of 1500 grams used.



Jes Extender Packages


On the Jes Extender Australia website there is a lot of upfront and honest information about the product. The Australian TGA certificate is freely available for all to read. They also have a before and after pictures page to further show proof of the product’s effectiveness. They also have a 100% refund offer if you’re happy to provide your before and after photos.

Also available on the Jes Extender Australia website is an expected results page so you can determine what sort of penis enlargement approimate results you can expect from using the Jes Extender when starting from your current penis size. Something that should be mentioned, is they only advertise the average results as well as the results expected from their LEAST comprehensive package, the Jes Extender Standard package which was the package used in the original tests and trials. Since then the medical company Danamedic who manufactures Jes Extender, has released more comprehensive and better performing options in comparison such as the Jes Extender Titanium Penis Enlarger and the most comprehensive, the Jes Extender Gold Penis Enlarger which are designed for men who want maximum penis growth and more potential overall results.*


The only product made to proper specifications for quality, safety and performance to gain proper assessment and registration for sale in Australia

The only product made to proper specifications for quality, safety and performance to gain proper assessment and registration for sale in Australia



Jes Extender Review Conclusion


The bottom line with the Jes Extender Penis Enlarger is you truly get what you pay for. It’s a safe and effective product and in our opinion the highest quality penis enlargement product we tested. In over 5 years of product testing, Jes Extender is our most recommended product for Australian men that want real penis enlargement or to help in the other areas of male enhancement that penile traction therapy can offer.

To your gains!

BIB Team



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Disclaimer: We have not been paid for this Jes Extender Review. Results may vary from person to person as this method of penis enlargement largely depends on how much time the product is used.