Bazooka Pills Review


Bazooka Pills Review


*UPDATE May 24th 2015* The new Bazooka Pills scam website is

After so much feedback from men who have been scammed by what is now the biggest penis enlargement pill scam Australia has ever had, we are dedicating this page to inform anyone who is lucky enough to read it, just how big the Bazooka Pills scam really is.

Firstly, and by now readers of this site should know that there are no pills – anywhere, made by anyone, no matter what the claim or how fancy the website – no pills can work for penis enlargement. If it were possible, big pharma (medicine makers) would have patented it a long time ago, and every second man would be walking around with an over sized penis.

Yes we got scammed ourselves by this product, but this is going back quite a while now, and we figured the company would most likely fizzle out or get that many unhappy customers that they would just shut down in due time. But that is simply not the case.

Where do we start? The people scamming consumers with these low grade and falsely advertised pills seem to website hop once enough people catch on. Something that many notorious scammers do, and they obviously do it for a reason, because they can get away with it.

They started advertising their products through then they used, they must of racked up too many unhappy customers with those sites, now they are using and but the very latest website being used to sell this scam is

You may want to ask yourself, if you are thinking about trying this scam: A) what is wrong with me and B) why would a company need to make so many sites that sell the same thing?

This company who operates as “Everyday Health Limited” has really and truly targeted Australian consumers, we estimate at least 10,000 Australian men have been ripped off by Bazooka Pills, and many more are getting taken for a ride on a daily basis (thanks for looking out for us Google).

Although most of the above sites clearly try to make you think it’s an Australian company and product, it clearly is not. The product comes from New Zealand and if you take a look at their latest local website you will find some really telling signs that this company are true scammers. Firstly on their local site, it seems they are too afraid to claim their product is used for penis enlargement – funny that. Another really funny error they’ve made – compare the front page testimonial from to – it seems like “Craig H” and “Shane” have homes in both Australia AND New Zealand. A very silly mistake, but a very real insight into the silly people that are selling this unsafe and unproven product they call bazooka pills.

We’ll be back with some screenshots and pictures to show you exactly what we mean, in the mean time steer clear of THE BAZOOKA PILLS SCAM and their many websites.

If you are looking for products that are genuinely approved and do work please visit our recommendations page.


BIB Team