Andropenis Gold Review


Andropenis Gold Review


*LATEST UPDATE* We’ve been contacted by a few readers stating they felt misled after ordering Andropenis Gold based on this review. We must state the following to clear things up.

1. When we first published this Andropenis Gold review it was made in Spain. Andropenis Gold is now made in China. However it’s made under specific guidelines. Most likely, they had to move their manufacturing off shore to China to keep prices low because of all the low quality products out there such as QuickExtenderPro, FastSize and X4 labs which are poorly made in China, and not under strict guidelines.

2. When we first tested this product it did have tension indicators. This is something we felt was important when using the product.

3. In light of the above, this product review has been updated. Last update: 3rd April 2017.


Andropenis Gold Benefits:*

The Andropenis Gold device is classed in Australia as a genuine type 1 medical device meaning the product was tested and has demonstrated safe and effective results with no short or long term side effects*. After extensive research we’ve found out why Andropenis Gold is one of only two legitimate products approved by Australian standards;

1. It has been scientifically designed for safe use.

2. Andropenis Gold is a medical grade device that is designed by a medical company.

3. It has demonstrated it’s effectiveness through genuine scientific studies and trials and gained Australian TGA approval as well as many other health authority approvals all over the world such as U.S FDA, Canadian CMDCAS, British BSI, and European C.E safety approvals. Australia has some of the highest standards for medical grade devices and to gain Australian approval is no easy task.

4. The medical company that manufactures the Andropenis Gold dedicated many years of research and development, scientific design, testing and trials before releasing it to the general public.

5. The Andropenis Gold penile enhancement device has been tested and well proven to be effective as a treatment for Peyronie’s disease. This is a medical diagnosis of men who have severe penis curvature. By using the medical principle of traction the Andropenis Gold is able to help correct penis curvature. It can also be used after surgery of the penis (prostate, peyronies etc.) to prevent penile shortening in the recovery period.*



Andropenis Gold Penile Enhancement Results

What can you expect from this product? Basically it comes down to how much you use it. Getting results and using the medical principle of traction is not an overnight scenario. The body must learn to adapt and grow progressively to the traction. When using Andropenis Gold it takes time and dedication but let’s face it, it’s well worth it.

The Andropenis Gold Official Australian site also states to try and wear the penile enhancement device for around 1 to 4 hours per day if possible and we all found that we could generally fit that into our schedule on an almost daily basis, the good thing about the Andropenis Gold is that it’s based on accumulated use so this means if you miss a few days or even weeks here or there it doesn’t matter because all results you gain are safe and is ultimately based on how much you use it overall.

We found that it was very beneficial to wear the product for longer than 4 hours when possible, but we certainly do not recommend to wear it for 4 hours straight or while you sleep because you need to take regular massage breaks to encourage fresh blood flow into the areas of the penis you are encouraging to grow. We found their advice of taking small breaks every hour or so to be vital for best penile enhancement results.*

Although none of us here at was new to the idea of natural penis enhancement, Andropenis Gold was one of the latest products we tested, this was literally after thousands of wasted dollars between us of having tried every male enhancement product available we could get our hands on.

The bottom line is, Andropenis Gold is a genuine product that will deliver real results if you use it as directed.* The bonus extra guides that are available only from the official Andropenis Gold Australian site have some great information that really seemed to help the process. The staff at were also very helpful and knowledgeable unlike many of the other companies we’d dealt with that don’t want to know you after they’ve made the sale. We hope you’ve learned something from this review, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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*Disclaimer: We have not been paid for this Andropenis Gold  Review nor do we receive any commission for this review. Results may vary from person to person due to individual biological traits and this method of penis enlargement largely depends on how much time the product is used for.